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Digitalood Blog founded by Rakesh Thakur, not an entrepreneur, not a famed or star blogger, but a passionate blogger and a keen learner. Being Perfect leaves you with no scope of improving but being passionate opens an ocean of opportunities to explore and discover new things, I personally love to experiment with new techniques and challenges make me more and more strong. In this Blog I share my very little knowledge, Infact, I shouldn't use that word either. I share some of difficulties which i personally dealt with while establishing my blog and how i sort those problems and i am sure even you will face same problems if you are  new in this blogging business, anyway stay updated for more updates and insights story.
Meanwhile you can contact us for any kind of Suggestions.So, stay tuned for more articles and keep supporting us, afterall readers are the first priority for a blogger instead of money and fame, so keep sharing.

See you in next my articles.

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