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E-Commerce SEO

With a Steady Increse in the Number of Online Shoppers, It's quite easy to Predict the Growth of E-Commerce Stores in Upcoming these days. From a Pen to Machinery you can find everything with just a click away. So, With the advent in Digital Marketing Trends. It's Important to have your Business Online to Expand Your Audience Reach.
So If you are looking to give a shot to the  Internet World. Beleive me there's never better time to land in this  E-Commerce Business.
So Here is a Small Compilation of Points that will surely help you in getting your Business a better exposure.

1) Start With Your Buisness Idea : The First and Foremost pre-requisite before jumping into this online marketing space. Be Clear with what you are going to sell and try to come out with something unique that creates WOW!!! moment in your audience.
        Remember the Golden rule for Entrepreneurs
           "Don't Sell What You Made. Make What You Can Sell"
2) Build an Online E-Commerce Store:  Your Website will be the first thing your user will be tackled with. So you have hardly 5 - 10 minutes to create an impression in your user's mind. However an Attractive Website is Just not enough to make you an Overnight Billionaire.  But Yes, You Need to have a catchy webiste.
 You can Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for creating your own E-Commerce Store. Else you can try out Shopify or Woocommerce for Building an Online E-Commerce Store.

3) Have a neat and clean Site Architecture: For an E-Commerce SEO User Interaction is a prominant factor. So its a healthy practice to make user stick to your store. Have a nice loading time and a maintained site structure. Like Home Page>> Categories>> Product Category.
Interlinking one page of your website to other page of your website have always been a Golden Thumb Rule for SEO so once the user landed to any of the page your website try to roam him around your entire website. The former can be achived by creating catchy side columns such as Top Products or Most Selling Products that forces an user to click on that particluar product page.

4) Optimized Category Pages and Product Pages: Optimization of category pages and products pages holds a nice importance as far as ranking of a specific product is considered. So have a title that with a targeted keyword, Obviously not keyword stuffed title but make sure that your title tags contains your focused keyword and it doesn't look spammy either.
Meta Descriptions can't be kept aside. Have a Meta Description that reflects the search engine about what is your page is all about. Try to use Power Words such as Order Now, Get, Best, Quality, Cheap and Affordable. These Power Words are said to increase the CTR for your website according to the world's Best SEOs. 

5) Products Description: Have a killer Product Description that contains your targeted keyword . You can use LSI Keywords to sprinkle them to your Products Description. LSI Keywords Queries related to the queries searched by that of the user and is more likely to be searched. LSI keywords can fill your keywords bucket more accurately. Le

t's have a look how amazon and other e-commerce giants are doing it.

6) Products Ratings : You must have observed the option to rate a specific product while surfing on other shopping sites such as Amazon or any other Shopping Giants. The fact is that a user rating for the products indicates to search engines that page have something important for that user. Search Engines treat this a good signal and hence, tends to ranks that page more often (Just have a glance at the above picture)
    So head over to your site's backened and try spending some of the brain and manpower on how to use on you site.

7) Be Prepared with On - Page SEO: On Page SEO the Spinal Cord of the SEO, Content being the Brain for the same. So On Page SEO plays a crucial role in the success of your online business. So have a fully furnished On Page SEO for your website.

8)Gear Up for the Some Off Page: So all set with your On Page SEO and Content, Now the real game Begins promoting your website with Off Page Techniques. So tighten your waists for some really tough grind. 

 How to Create Backlinks for  E-Commerce Store:
Creating Backlinks have never been as a piece of cake for an e- commerce store it’s always been tedious and pain in the ass. But Backlinks lay the foundation for a website to rank in the search engines. I  Wish if we would have been in those old good days where normal directories, forum links were just good enough for ranking your E commerce Website. But Still there are some of the Baclinking methods are still killing it. Here are some of them listed below.

1) Keep Blogging: Content is the real gem for ranking your website. Blogging opens plethora of opportunities to give the user with relevant content. So make sure that your website have Blog Section enabled on it. Keep Blogging about your products and services try to post relevant content so as they can link to it hassle free.

2) List Based Content : Try To Organize your Content in List Format. According to the content strategists list based content provide better user experience and thus experiences higher CTRs.
Moreover. For Instance, You have an Online Store selling Mobile Phones. You can go ahead with post such as “Top 10 Leading Mobile Phones Brand in India”. These kind of post allow user to get a clear picture of your products and services.

3) Go for an Expert Roundup : Expert Roundup can be a major thrust in rankings of your e commerce store. Write an exceptional content, Contact other influencers of your industry ask for their opinion and publish their advice on your blog and ask them to share that on your social media accounts this can help you in getting floods of traffic and achieve your ranking goals. 

4) Comparison Content : Comparison Content can be nice tool in getting an upper edge on your competitors. Most of the users try to compare different products before selecting a particular products. So, they go on comparing tons of different products and then finally purchase a products that stands completely on their standards. So try to give the user what they are looking for give them perfect reasons why they should choose a particular product. Explain the features of that particular products.

5) Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging is still not dead and still is the best way to build quality backlinks. So go on finding some relevant blogs with high domain authority and publish your articles on their blogs, and the rumors of Guest Blogging being dead are nothing but a rumor instead.

6) Pitching Influencers : Go on finding some of the biggest influencer in your niche. Try to build a healthy relationship with them as it can help you in a many ways.

So,  Once you are done with these tips and techniques then sky is the limit for your e –commerce business. Now just wait and watch and see your business kissing the skyscraper’s of online success.
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