Facebook's Pixel - Uses and How to Install It

So, Here We Go once again Facebook Marketing becoming a subject of our discussion. Facebook is Probably is the most engaging platform these days. As Already mentioned in previous posts, Being a  Marketer you can't afford to ignore this social media giant.

As the Brands started promoting themselves on Facebook through various Ads and Marketing Strategies, There Was a Strict Need of a tool to measure the ROI (Return on Investment) and Facebook Pixel Code was a boon for the advertisers. Use of Pixel granted the advertisers liberty to track conversion and measure their sales in a well proficient manner.

Let's See How Facebook Pixel is Beneficial for Advertising.

1) Measuring Audience's Interactions: This Pixel Code Allows you to monitor the way your audience interacted with your website, products and responded to your ads. You Can Often Track the Devices your audience is using even, you can keep a record of your sales.

In Turn, Pixel Code can help your Ad Focussing and Targeting.

2) Retargeting and Remarketing: Facebook's Retargeting Algorithm is somewhat similar to Google's Remarketing Strategy. Pixel Tracking Data allows you to show your ads to the people who have already visited your Store or website.  Just Like as that of Google   Remarketing Strategy.

3) Lookalike Audiences:  Facebook equips you with the Massive Audiences database including Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audiences. Facebook Pixel Code is an immensely powerful weapon for creating a lookalike audience and displays your ads to audiences with similar demographics, interest thus in increasing chances of your sales.

Now Let's See How To Install a Facebook Pixel Code on Your Webpages to Track Conversions.

Step 1:

Sign in to Your Ad Managers Account and Click on the Hamburger Icon and Click on the Pixels Tab.

Step 2: Click on the Green Coloured Box "Set Up Pixel"

Step 3: You Will be Provided with a Javascript Code, Copy this Code and Paste it into the <head> </head> of the page you want to track.

Step 4: If You are the Owner of an E-Commerce Store, and looking to track a particular event like when someone adds your product to cart, Purchases your Product,  Just Click on the action and paste the respective code under the </head> tag.

It Would Be Highly Appreciable to Use Facebook Pixel Helper to ensure the proper working of your Pixel Code.

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