How to Implemet White Hat SEO Techniques - Beginner's Guide

White Hat SEO Techniques
What is White Hat SEO???
Not a Rocket Science!!. Just one of those millions of SEO Strategies. Basically, White Hat SEO is optimizing your website/ blog with respect to search engines and under the Google's Terms and Conditions.
SEO may come is different suites, Black Hat, Grey Hat, White Hat. Let's just have a quick Glance on them instead.
1) Black Hat SEO:  Black Hat SEO is all about spamming and trying to cheat google crawlers, Black Hat usually includes Content Cloaking, Keywords Stuffing and Link Farming and Other illegal activities. But Black Hat SEO isn't a crime. To call yourself an SEO expert you need to be familiar with each and every aspect of SEO may it be a Black Hat or White Hat
2) White Hat  SEO :Unlike Black Hatt, White Hat SEO may be defined as using 100 % organic techniques to increase your website's rankings on  Search Engine Pages. Using White Hat SEO ensures that your site is not penalized by Google Bots, which you may have to deal if you try for Black Hat Techniques.
3) Grey Hat SEO: Grey Hat SEO is the mixture of Black and What is 70 -30 ratio. But i don't recommend using Grey Hat Techniques as you may have to pay penalties if you fail to implement in right way.
What Should be Done???
Asking Me, I Would definitely recommend using White Hat Techniques, instead of Black Hat Techniques. It's better to be on safe side with implementing these techniques. In this era of Google Updates who knows what is going to be next and Which Updates will throw you out of the market.
Let's see a Step by Step White Hat SEO Strategy.
User-Friendly Blog/Website: Like any other Business, It's Customers who are an integral part of the growth of Business and You can't even think of Growth unless you provide a value to your customers.
For a Blogger, Their Readers and Visitors are the Customers and it's our sole responsibility to serve them with best. Your Blog/ Website must be that much attractive and engaging that forces user to scroll down to the bottom of your web page. 
Keywords ResearchKeyword Research: Starting a Website without a Proper Keywords Research is just like "Striking without an aim" So It's better to start off with a Keyword Research, Try to figure out the bunch of keywords that define your service at its best. You may use Google Keywords Planner or any other service for Selecting your best keywords.
Meta Tags:  Once you are done with finding Relevant Keywords now starting inserting them in your Titles, Descriptions and Website Content.Make it Sure you are not stuffing your Meta Tags with Keywords.
Content Creation: Now Start Serving your Customer, User or Reader, with Quality Content, After all, Content is what attracts your visitors the most.
After Successfully Accomplishing Tasks now it's time to start out some serious Link Building Practices. Now Start Building Backlinks for your Article, There are millions of Techniques available on the internet for Backlink Building. Now Grab as much as Baclinks, which will help you in getting some more unique visitors and Improved Search Engine Rankings.
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Before Concluding, Social Signals, Quite Obvious Social Signals need to be kept in mind as they provide you with "Traffic Storm" and eventually help in increasing your revenue.
So Stay Tuned for Some more interesting articles.
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