Traffic from Quora - Ultimate Guide to Increase Visitors

How to Get Instant Traffic from Quora?
Just Google “ How to -------- ?” anything, any query
What do you Observe???
Yes, you will find a bunch of Quora Discussions going on that particular topic, and its ought be after all Quora being the world’s largest Q/A Community, A community of Professional, Interested and Extremely curious people.
But, How do I get Traffic from Quora?
First of All, before analyzing the anatomy of Quora, Let us find out what does the word “traffic” means !!!!
If you are new to this Blogging Community and are planning to launch your personal blog and are under the initial preparation for your Blog Posts, reading blogs, Watching Videos and what not?,
Then, you must be aware of that word so called “Traffic” It’s all what a Blogger wants, Traffic ensures that there are readers on your blog . Traffic is broadly classified into 4 Categories listed below:
 Organic Traffic
Direct Traffic
Referral Traffic
Social Traffic
Have a look on each of above in detail:
           Organic Traffic: Organic Traffic means, Traffic or Visitors that comes to your website by just placing their particular query on the Google and heading to your website through Google Rankings, Organic Traffic means a lot if you are a business Owner and are trying to promote your Brand on the Web.  A nice Organic Traffic can ensure a increase in sales of your product.
2              Direct Traffic : Direct Traffic doesn’t needs an explanation, Direct Traffic is that part of traffic that comes directly to your website by typing URL in the browser
            Social Media/ Social Traffic : Social Traffic is the traffic driven by the Social Platforms like through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. Social Media Traffic can be a “blessing in disguise” if you are not familiar with basic SEO, Link Building Strategies.
4        Referral Traffic: Referral Traffic as the name suggest is the traffic coming by the reference of other website, Referral Traffic.
Now when you are familiar with basic traffic hierarchy let me tell you Quora doesn’t allow “Dofollow Backlink” rather “Nofollow links” and Nofollow links will don’t help you get rank in Search Engine but can help in you achieving a decent traffic flow and can serve you with a couple of new visitors. But How Quora can help you in getting that traffic????

OK Let us find out, Quora being a Question/ Answers website have millions of people seeking answers for their problems they just post their questions there and try to find out anwers for their questions. For example If a person is looking for the “Cost of Hair Transplant “ there are millions of answers by various health bloggers and medical consultants trying to explain the concept of cost, So just try to answer a bunch of questions related to your article and place a link to your article in every answer or every comment and  you will definitely notice a remarkable hike in those traffic graph in Google Analytics and nothing can give you more peace than that especially you belong to this super competitive community of Bloggers or Online Marketers.
But make sure before switching on to the Quora your blogs have some quality content and well written posts and covers a wide number of topics.
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