5 Simple Steps to Start your Own Blog in 2017

Blogging is probably the best profession for a Poke - Easy( Lazy Animal or Person) person who is just not able to fit into the society of those highly disciplined working professionals and  I am not saying that Blogging doesn't require dedication and Hard work, Creating a Successful and Money Making Blog is seriously a conscientious task. But Blogging makes your Own Boss, No Pressure, No Deadlines and No Rude Bosses. But Blogging is more about providing value to your readers by giving them a really fresh and updated content and making money takes the back seat when it comes to Blogging, but Starting Your own Blog especially if you belong to that ill-starred Non - Techie Guy, having zero knowledge of Coding etc.
Here are some of the steps while setting up your initial steps in Blogging Business.
   1) Find the Right Blogging Platforms : There are millions of Blogging Platforms out there in market, just like Wordpress.org, Wordpress.com, Blogger.com, Tumblr.com and what not, Just select the Platform which you feel easy to customize but, in my opinion Starting the initial steps with Blogger.com is quite a better option as the interface is quite easy to understand and easy to customize.
  2) Choose a Custom Domain: With these free Blogging Platforms you are equipped with default domain name but having a personal custom domain is a must if you are really serious about Blogging as Custom Domain is really helpful in SEO and Branding of your Blog and a custom domain name plays a handy role in making online reputation of your Blog.
3) Choosing a Hosting Plan : After buying that Custom Domain there is a strict need to have a hosting server to host that domain on your web, and here comes the need for hosting plan, you can choose the hosting plan according to your convenience and budget but, I will Suggest Bluehost as their flexible charges makes it the most preferred option for the new user and easy installation economic charges and what not!!
With this amazing and really user-friendly Hosting Charges, it becomes "quite a breeze" for users who don't have a Technical Background to stand in the midst of the competitors and live their own passion. 
4) Finding your Relevant Niche: Beleive me this step is going to be the most climacteric of the above steps, Yes !!! finding your niche, finding your category, finding something that you are really passionate for, as we all know being a money-making blogger you have to write at least 4-5 posts daily and so, it's better to select the relevant niche so that you can write about it and if you fail to execute this step properly believe me you will be crushed rudely your competitors on the internet marketing space.
5) 5) Creating an Attractive Layout: A well-designed and attractive Blog designs definitely attracts readers and will help in creating a long lasting impression of your blog  in your customer's mind and thus will ultimately create a Brand Value for your Blog, Just try to impart a professional look to your Blog and you will definitely get positive response.
At last, i would say it takes the time to be a successful Blogger, till then just keep working hard, keep learning and once you get used to this than Sky is the limit.

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