Blogging - Profession or Passion

Blogging - Profession or Passion
Actually Blogging is a Passion turned into Profession. Yeh !! that's right Blogging starts with a passion and within a span of time becomes the mode of bread and butter for many of Bloggers.
Blogging is the best profession for one but only if you are not "Bill Gates". Blogging makes you the boss or rather I should say ruler of your life. You have the right to choose your working hours, your holidays, No Deadlines, and believe me, nothing can be as much as peaceful as staying at your place, sitting in front of your Desktop and writing or sharing what you like the most especially if you are getting paid for it.
Blogging is quite disciplined and dedicated profession you need to devote yourself completely to your Blog and in no time you will start falling in love with your profession. You might have heard about many Bloggers who started their Blogging Carrer as their passion and later becoming a full-time Blogger.
Let's have a look on some of the advantages of choosing Blogging as a Profession.
1) Makes you Boss of your own: With Blogging as a career, You are the Boss of your own. No Boring 9 - 5 job, No Rude Bosses, No Stress just your Passion and nothing else.
2) No Investment: Many of Bloggers consider Blogging as the business with no capital investment. The Only thing you need to start your Business is a Laptop and an internet connection. A Domain Name and Hosting which is of negligible cost.
 3) No Qualification and Age limits: Blogging Community is always open for everyone with no bars of Educational Qualifications and Age limits. No Matter What's your Age What is your Educational Backgrounds you are always lucky enough to get started with your Blog anytime anywhere.
4) No Technical Skill Required: If you are one of those that starts feeling dizziness with just a glance of those complicated codes then you are on that right page. I remembered during my high school days I got faint in one of those programming subjects examination. Anyway,  You can be a founder of your Blog with minimum technical skills. 
5) Fastest way to become Popular on the Web: In this era of increasing Social Media every one has the desire to have a huge following on social media and your Blog can surely help in fulfilling your dream once your ideas, your blogs started getting attraction of visitors or readers than you will probably find yourself with a nice social fan base.
But, everything needs take time to flourish. So in the initial stage, there might be some problem in monetizing your blog, but you don't need to be panic just have patience and keep on working and your hard work and patience will pay you worth. Just don't lose your hope keep on trying and make a habit of exploring new things and success will beneath your footsteps one day.
Feel free to ask if anything i can help you with.
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