8 Effective Methods for Link Building

                                    " Backlinks - you don't build them, you earn them"

Backlinks!!! Backlinks!!! Backlinks I am damn Sure you would be familiar with this Word, If you are a Business Owner trying to improve your Seaech Engine Rankings. Backlinks actually, deserves that musch attention, Afterall Quality Backlinks are the pillars of a Well Optimized Website.

But for a newbie Building Quality Backlinks is never to easy as there are million of ways in the market prevailing to  build quality backlinks. In this article I will share some of my best and effective ways for Link Building. Let's have a look on each of them one by one.

1)  Guest Blogging: I often hear Marketers Screaming "Guest Blogging is Dead" but, It's actually not so, Guest Blogging is still the first and prominent method of building links, I'm sorry "Earning Links". Writing for your Blogs makes your blog visible to your particular set of regular readers, but writing for a High Authoritative Blogs exposes your Blog to a further wide communities and Ultimately boost your traffic and Visitors, and Instead you are a getting a Backlink and not only, this Guest Blogging improves  your relationship with fellow bloggers and Relationships are strictly required if you want to survive in this community.

2) Blog Commenting:  I go thoroughly through different blogs and articles before hitting that publish button, and every published a blog. Make it a habit next time when you read a blog or article just leave a comment, It is beneficial for the author as the comments build a trust factor amongst the audience and you get a backlink from that particular blog.

3) Forum Commenting: Forums are the Discussion Sites which allows its members to start a topic and reply to a particular topic, although Forums provide do follow the link it can be useful in increasing your traffic visitors, as Forums are the sites where your audience hang out with. Just maintain your profile on every forum site by placing a link to your site in the Signature entity.

4) Social Bookmarking/ Profile Creation Sites: Social Bookmarking sites are one of the classic and easiest methods of getting backlinks, the only thing you have to do is to create a profile on high PR Social Bookmarking Sites and next time when you a submit a post just bookmark your link and try to engage couple of audience to your content and this will surely increase your readers database.

 5) Publish a Great Content: In this Post Penguin era, Content is the prominent factor in deciding the website's rankings and visibility on the SERPs, Try to offer a great and pure content to your visitors.Make it sure your content is valuable for your customers and Search Engine bots as well. Keep providing awesome content to your readers.

6) Document Sharings: Document Sharing is another great way of earning high-quality backlinks, Compile all your blog post in pdf format and Submit these documents to different pdf submission sites, Some of these sites offer a do follow the link back to your website.

7) Follow your Competitor's Backlinks: Try to figure out your top competitor and make efforts to defeat that particular and in hurdle of defeating that one particular you will be ahead of hundreds of competitor's just copy the domain address of your competitor and try to trace the sites where he is building backlinks and just follow hs footsteps and you will be definitely closer to your mission.

8) Infographics Submission : Infographics are the visual edition of your content and Human Brain is more immune to memorize the information if it is displayed in the form of visuals instead of textual form So take advantage of Human Brain's perception and offer a visual format of your information to your visitors, rather you can submit these infographics to Infographics Submission Sites these Submission sites once again offer a do follow backlinks.

Although there are endless ways of Building Backlinks these are one of the most common and easiest ways of building backlinks for your website. So. let me know if there are some suggestions to add few more methods in this list, So drop your comment below.

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