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 Alright,  “Social Media Marketing --------------“
hang on, Switch Off your Cell Phones, unless those bloody Facebook notifications will disturb you in concentrating on my stuff and seriously I don’t want that.
Facebook isn’t only a place to share funny videos, and have a formal chitchat with your old high school friends,  In fact this is the most familiar part of the Facebook, But Facebook is like “a treasure in a ruin”for B2B Marketers and E-Commerce Brands these days and believe me these are the brands which thought Facebook to be nothing more than a community of idiots sharing and wasting their time on spending their time.
Facebook being Social Media Giant in this Era, can be proved to be the most important tool in promoting online brand reputation and nurturing lead conversions. Facebook Marketing is the most undervalued marketing strategy although most beneficial way of promoting your business online.
A proper well managed Facebook Business Page can help the Business in several ways-
  • ·         Brand Loyality
  • ·         Target Audience
  • ·         Online Presence
  • ·         Generate Conversions and Sales
But  before heading ahead for a Social Media Marketing, Prepare a rough sketch of your needs and goals, what can you expect from this Social Media Campaigns let us look some of strategies in detail one by one----
  • Step 1: Create a Facebook Business Page : Creating a Facebook Page, No Rocket Science Involved just crating a simple Facebook page and nothing else, that’s it.
  • Step 2: Optimize Your Social Media Profiles: Try to update your Facebook Profile by providing all the necessary details and descriptions and About your Company Profile, what your Company do add a link to your website, it will help your customer in relating to your products thus, there are chances of conversion.
  • Step 3: While Scrolling down through our news feed, we hardly pay attention to the part written in text but the thing that which grabs our attention are those eye – catching and appealing images. It’s better to use high quality images to promote your business on Facebook.
  • Step 4: Posting Schedule : Make Posting as a habit if you really want to stand in the midst of your Competitors, Just not stuff with 20 posts daily but post around 2-3 post daily.
  • Step 5 : Post Engagement : Once you are done with above steps, now the question arises how to engage more and more people to my post???? the answer is quite simple, there are thousands or may be even millions of Facebook groups and communities related to your business niche try to build personal relationship with group members and ask them to go through your pages, ask them to leave a feedback and you can ask them to rate your page. It will tighten your bond with other members.
Like I typed "Social Media Marketing" and my screen is flooded with number of "Social Media Marketing" pages.
 Just Go on the Groups Tab and Join Different Groups and post regularly in this groups and try to build your personal relationship with your audience.

Facebook Paid Marketing :

I don’t know if you have ever noticed that the very second post in your news feed is a Sponsored Ad, ever wondered what is this?????
Let me tell you these are Facebook Paid Ads, Just like Google Search Algorithm, Facebook have it’s own algorithm and just like Google’s Ad policy, even Facebook has it’s own Ad policies, Facebook Ad can be Used for increasing Page likes, Promoting Website Clicks, Driving Traffic to your website or Blog, depending on the user’s requirements, Facebook Ads offer you flexibility to  select the region and Age Group and filters the most specific audience, which increase the chances of conversions.
Unlike Search Engine Ads, Running an Ad Campaign on Facebook is effortless, Just a Basic Knowledge can help in your running your first advert campaign it's bit easy and simple.
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