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Content Marketing Strategy and Optimzation

“Content Is the King -------------”[yawning------], [frustrating]
I am damn sure, you have might have been “browned off” of listening these words every time, especially if you belongs to this blogging community like me, In fact I am cheesed off listening those words while reading blogs, during YouTube videos and many more.
Content definitely have an immense effect in increasing visibility of your blogs or website. But, What if you have a “A” graded Top quality content but hardly any traffic, it seems really worthless. A impressive decent article in your blog solely can’t give you desired output and make you overnight star rather, publishing an article is just the start of the game. But couple of good articles and impressive content marketing strategies can really turn things around you easily, but content marketing isn’t a cinch, In this article, I will try to notch some of the important and impressive techniques to make your content viral on the internet.
Content Marketing Strategy is a vast field and is filled with the millions of techniques and tactics. Making your article viral on web isn’t a rocket science although; it’s not that easy either. Lets’ have a look on some of important factors that can be proved to be useful in enhancing visitors and impressions.
1)      Try to express your views through visuals and images: Remember a solid content strategy is not  just writing a bunch of articles and just hitting the publish button, rather it’s about creating a nice strong, influencing and long lasting impression in the minds of the readers, One of the Strongest tool these days is info graphics, Info graphics are the amalgamation of appealing content with eye catching visuals, Publishing an infographic on your site and then sharing social networking sites and can attract visitors to your site, It’s Human Brain perception, Overall Info graphic can be a handy tool in Content Marketing Strategy and Optimization.
2)      Podcasts : As said by Neil Patel “Podcasts are the radio of the 21st Century”  Podcasts are audio files available on the internet for downloading to a device, It helps to deepen the relationship with your audience and builds a trust factor among your readers or listeners.
3)      Social Media Platforms: If your prime motive is to earn money by driving traffic to your website than Social Media Ads can help you in achieving your goals, You can go for a Facebook Ad Campaigns and sharing your content on different social networking sites such as twitter, tumblr and asking your friends or followers to share your article these will ultimately increase the number of views and impressions on your blogs.
4)      Quora : 

        Quora as we all know is one of the biggest Question / Answers website where users and readers submit their questions, and ask for reply, Quora can drive a bulk traffic to your Blog, only thing you have to do is maintain your profile on Quora and try to find some of questions related to your article and you can place a link to your article in that answers and can drive traffic to your article. Quora also gives liberty to share your views and opinions.

How to Invite Search Engine Bots to Crawl to your Blog:

Sometimes it takes time for a new and fresh content to get visibility in SERPs, it really made me feel offended and frustrated and decided to give a shot to this problem and after going through a couple of YouTube videos and thorough reading of several blogs, I finally reached to the answer. To invite Google Bots to Your Blog only thing you have to is to use Google Search Console and “ Fetch as Google” and just place your URL, it may take some time for the Search Engine to crawl your web and even you can directly submit URL to google and other search engines.
To check your Crawled Pages:
To get your Web Page Crawled, faster ping your URL on various  Pinging Websites, and make pinging your habit and every time you Publish  an Article.
Hope you enjoyed reading this article and Comment Below Did you like the article or are there any suggestions that you would like to give feel free to contact me.

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